What We Do

Our unit is responsible for the following:

Internet Services

Information is the lifeblood of the 21st Century Organization and we ensure our campus does not miss a breath

Network Infrastructure

A robust campus network thrives on the smooth functioning of network devices such as routers,switches & structured cabling

Enterprise Applications

Portals, Databases, Intranet services provides unique experiences on campus driving the vision of the university

Technology Support

End users connectivity needs and requirements are duly attended to in line with standard procedures

Administration & Management

We are constantly on the lookout to ensure we meet the objectives of a world class university via consistent monitoring & management

ICT Project Delivery

ICT projects are carried out internally or alongside the support of relevant partners

Our Network

Network Design

Detailed Network information on network model, design, products used, statistics, Service Providers and network maps Click Here

Internet Bandwidth Usage (LIVE)

Check Out our Current Internet Bandwidth usage graphs Here and Internet Uptime Status Here

Traffic Patterns/History/Report

Collected network connectivity/usage report Click Here

Meet the Team

Our Partners

We do not go it alone. We work with the following companies:


Internet Traffic [LIVE]

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