Design Information

Equipments/Softwares We Use

  • Cisco Switches (Don’t Trade that for any other) & Routers
  • Microsoft Server Operating System
  • Linux operating System (CentOS in particular)
  • VMware for Virtualization
  • Solarwinds for Monitoring
  • Mikrotik for Routing, NAT, DHCP
  • FreeRadius for Authentication
  • HP for our servers (DL 380G5, Dl380 G7 &G6)
  • We now have 10Gigabit switches
  • Ubiquity for cable and wireless


Authentication Page

The authentication page is the primary line of security for end users connecting to the network. As a university we run a fairly open system with the tag “Open & Connect). You only need to authenticate with your login credentials as a a student or staff or with a ticket as guest

loginpage_appsClick to enlarge


Internet Service Providers

Previously We had 4 Internet Service providers and 5 bandwidth links but has been reduced to 3 ISP/bandwidth for better streamlining and cost-effectiveness.

  • GLO -30Mbps (Decommisioned)
  • Etranzact-30Mbps (Decommisioned)
  • MTN-155Mbps
  • 21st Century-60Mbps (Upgraded to STM1)
  • NgREN (STM1 Connection/Shared Internet Bandwidth)
  • 21st Century via Google-25Mbps (The GUAP Project Router is to be decommissioned Aug. 2014)



The campus network runs about 200 Different Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) majority handling connections from students hostel where high density connections are prevalent. The essence is to have granular subnets for better network control .


Network Services

  • Primary & Secondary DNS
  • DHCP Server
  • Radius (AAA) Server


Application Servers

  • Web Servers
  • Community Portal (intranet)
  • Media Site